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Government inspection in YCZCO

Release time:
2020/05/26 15:00


  On May 21st  2020, leaded by Mr. Tankui, the governor of Guizhou Qiannan State, the government inspective group from Guizhou Qiannan state visited Foshan Yuancheng Factory. Mr. Lin, general manager of Foshan YCZCO and Mr. Cao, general manager of Guizhou YCZCO warmly entertained them in the factory. The government group inspected the office area, mold making workshop, injection workshop, lathe turning workshop, quality inspection workshop and the warehouse to understand the staff management, producing security, product quality and manufacturing process in detail. After that, a symposium on the development plan of YCZCO and Guizhou Bearing Industry was held.

  The group firstly visited our injection workshop and lathe turning workshop. Mr. Lin explained at length about the producing process of injection rollers and quality control, and specially introduced our large-scale production by full-automatic injection machines and turning lathe. Governor Tan thinks highly of the large-scale and automatic production of YCZCO.

  On the symposium after the inspection, Governor Tan had a deep discussion with Mr. Lin and Mr. Cao. Mr. Lin laid out the the development of YCZCO and the future plan. Established in 2004, YCZCO has already been the upper supplier of many of the listed companies. Nowadays, the sales network of YCZCO is all around the world. In these achievements, the Guizhou YCZCO bearing basement plays an instrumental role.  

  Meanwhile, the situation weve met and the policy we need from government are specially studied on the symposium.

  Governor Tan expressed his highly appreciation of the achievement of YCZCO in the development and the contribution for Qiannan state. At the end, it came to an agreement that YCZCO will constantly enlarge the production scale according to the actual situation, and also devote ourselves into building the Guizhou Dushan Bearing Basement into nationally top level, by introducing more manufacturers of the bearing industry.

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